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    Our Forum Rules! Empty Our Forum Rules!

    Post  Admin on Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:11 am

    Here is a list of our forum rules.

    1. No Harassment of any kind! If rule is voided it will lead to a permanent ban!
    2. No talking back to our staff. (will lead to a warning!)

    3. Arguing is allowed but please refrain from swearing at eachother.

    4.In this forum only English is allowed.

    5.No threatening Private Messages. This will lead to a ban.

    6. No avatars with sexually-oriented pictures.

    7. No Pornographic material.

    8. No off-topic posts. I will create an off-topic category especially for discussions.

    9. Always remember to let people discuss they're opinions about football and it's players, etc freely! It's just an opinion!

    10. Have fun!

    Remember that if you see a player voiding these rules, you can PM me stating their post. If you do so you will have a better chance of becoming a moderator. Smile

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